August 22, 2021- Guys! Come get your pins and a little slice of Heaven in the form of homemade Chicago cheesecake. Stic Pin Chic is collaborating with Schweet Cheesecake in a pop-up shop on Saturday, August 28 from noon to 4pm. Schweet Cheesecake is located at 5248 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the creative behind Stic Pin Chic, save on shipping, and get some of the best cheesecake in Chicago.

Stic Pin Chic is dropping a new pin set- the Chicago Food Edition- and the Pink House is BACK!!!! Order now and choose Customer Pickup as your shipping method at checkout and I'll have your order ready on Saturday.

I look forward to seeing you there.  

Schweet Cheesecake  logo

Feb 21, 2021- Guys! I'm so excited to announce that I'm launching my first enamel pin. Today! Like, its available NeOW! (Excuse my yelling) What makes this pin so special to me is that I learned the entire process from another young black creative out here killing it! So often people who find success do not share their process under the impression that they are "helping the competition". But not Essence Hayes of Coloring Pins. Sis laid out the process in a whole guide. 

How many brands of bread are on the grocery store shelves? How many different milk brands, ketchup brands? Hell, how many brands sell WHITE T-SHIRTS? The point is...we can all eat, and I want to thank Essence for sharing the recipe. I already have my next pins in the works. 

I'm excited to add my own enamel pin to my collection.