Hello, I’m Shannon and I consider myself a creative who comes up with ideas on a whim. There is not a single medium that my ideas manifest; be it photography, interior design, performance art, or arts and crafts. Sometimes I come up with an idea and it remains just that, an idea. I’ve decided to do better. This small endeavor is the result of me deciding that I will do more to get my ideas out into the world.

I came up with idea of Stic Pin Chic to share an idea in the form of wearable art with you. The idea, “$10 To Touch My Hair” pins and stickers, is a play on an all too relatable experience that many people of color share. It involves the different hair textures and interesting styles we choose to wear and the antsy hands that struggle to resist touching.

Currently, this is the only idea, in the form of wearable art, that I have developed to completion, but I didn’t want that to stop me from putting it out into the world. As I come up with more I will most definitely share. I say that to emphasize the most important takeaway to me from this experience so far: to not get paralyzed by analysis. I could have waited until I had more to offer, more ideas, more inventory, or partners/investors, but then I wouldn’t have tried my hand at graphic design, website development, developing a business model that works for what I want to do, learning about creating a social media presence, and this is just the beginning. Although my little shop only has one design and two products thus far, the excitement I had for producing my idea to share with the world has pushed me learn and grow. It only gets better from here.

Thank you for visiting Stic Pin Chic. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.